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In personal training, we can address your needs together and in a targeted manner. Whether stabilization, strength, sports or endurance training, I can help you reach your goal with efficient methods that are tailored to your needs.

The training sessions can be held outside in nature or in the studio.

The training sessions can be held outside in the green or in the studio.


A successful training plan also includes a willingness to change in order to achieve optimal results. Motivation and realistically defined goals play an essential role in your development. 

Together we strengthen you not only physically but also mentally, which will help you deal better with yourself in training as well as in everyday life. 



It is often overlooked that a balanced diet and good sleep hygiene are the basis for a healthy life. Even small deviations in sleep duration and sleep quality influence training effects, cognitive performance and eating habits.

I support you to improve your sleeping and eating habits and thus to improve your quality of life.



Training one to one we will reach your specific goals



Training methods are specifically tailored to your goals and needs



Sleep and nutritional advice are automatically included in the training sessions



With functional exercises we increase your "Real-Life-Fitness" for everyday life



Significant findings from sports science are used and applied in training



We work with constantly varied and tailored stimuli to achieve the desired change in the body

Rose S.

After I reached a plateau after 5 years of training I was frustrated with the lacking results of my consistent training. Janosch helped me to develop a personalized program that complemented my personal goals and prepared me for my upcoming competition. We focused on the importance of the mental and the physical side of training, which led me to multiple personal records. I would recommend Janosch to anyone not making progress, people who just started training and competing athletes. 

Darrin S.

I was really impressed by the detailed training plans that Janosch created for me. They helped me achieve my very specific goals, and he was always available to answer my questions. I followed his program for 24 weeks and was super happy with the results.

Matthias T.

Janosch offers a very versatile training and responds strongly to the individual needs. He motivates me and together we find the right training intensities. Exercises are constantly varied so that there is no routine. Janosch also knows how to convince with his theoretical knowledge. I am looking forward to many more hours of training with him. 

Mauri M.

I have known Janosch for some time now and was able to plan my training with him. The personalized training plan quickly brought performance improvements with it. Even as a coach he is professional and always gives targeted feedback. I can only recommend him.


Personal Training Zug

Janosch Bourgeois

Hammerstrasse 4A
6312 Steinhausen

076 529 90 48

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