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I was born and raised in the canton of Zug, where I was fascinated by movement from an early age. I quickly gained experience in areas such as dance, martial arts and badminton. My main sport became badminton which I played passionately for 10 years.


Through my frequent training and competitive sports I became aware of the physical and mental requirements necessary for  great sports performance. From then on I was interested in effective and sport specific athletic training methods. I decided to continue my sports training and to further dedicate myself to sports studies. With such experiences and through additional physical education I have developed my skills as a trainer and continue to educate myself.


After completing my Bachelors in sports science I started to apply my knowledge to clients of varied backgrounds. These clients have ranged from daytime office workers, chefs, to competitive athletes. I place value in the  quality of my training. It is personalized and specific to your needs. As a trainer I am always motivated to positively influence the quality of life of my fellow human beings. 

Personal Trainer Zug Janosch Bourgeois


  • B.Sc. of Sports Science

  • Physiotherapy Student (B.Sc.)

  • B.Sc. French literature &linguistics

  • Crossfit Level 1 Certificate

  • J+S Youth and Snowboard

  • Certified FRCms Specialist

  • EXOS Performance Specialist XPS

  • Crossfit Kettlebell Certificate 

  • Dr. Rusin Pain Free Certificate 


  • Crossfit Coach since 2016 (QualiCert)

  • Personal Trainer at MW Training

  • Personalized Programing for athletes at 1352 Athletics

  • Founder / Owner PTZ 

  • Trainer at Medical Training Center (Emmenbrücke)

  • Leadership in Kids-Camps and Kids-Sports


  • 4 Years CrossFit

  • 10 Years Badminton

  • 6 Years Ballet

  • 3 Years AI-KI-DO

  • 3 Years Breakdance

  • Additional Hobbies: Beach-Volley, Skateboarding, ​Cycling, Speedcubing


1352 Athletics

Langackerstrasse 35

6330 Cham

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